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Academic Travel

Over 350 academic and research organizations choose Key Travel as their preferred partner, helping them support and manage the needs of their travelers, both in the USA and overseas. Working with Key Travel allows your travelers to do what they do best, whether that is establishing international student partnerships, collaborating to making new discoveries, or sharing experiences with the wider international academic community.

Recognizing multiple stakeholders

A single travel program does not meet all the requirements of the complex structure of Academic institutions and the frequently autonomous nature of departments and schools. At Key Travel, we not only rise to this challenge, but excel in our ability to customize and adjust individual travel programs to fulfill everyone’s needs.

Mirroring approval processes

We understand that institutional budgets and external grants require strict internal operating policies. Processes can vary greatly by institution, faculty, school, and departments. Over the years, we have invested heavily in our systems, products and service delivery, to customize travel programs that meet these varying demands. Through our award-winning mid-office technology (KTMOM) we are able to customize your purchase-to-pay processes by department, school, and faculty, or at an institutional level.

Supporting every travel need

Our expert teams are specialists in supporting you and your organization, whether it is a simple point-to-point trip, a multi-segment itinerary, or a group of students traveling. We actively monitor the travel activity across your organization to identify changing travel trends and special projects that may necessitate new routes and airline contracts

“The level of service you provided not only met the level of expectation that I deliver to my customer base, but exceeded that. I am happy to provide an A+ review. Thank you again. You are awesome!”
- Iowa State University, Study Abroad Cente

Knowing where your employees are, how to communicate with them, and being able to bring them home should the need arise is an obligation we help you meet. We consolidate your employees’ locations and itinerary information in one place, and then present it in a simple and easy-to-follow online report. Our full suite of centralized data includes traveler tracking reports, enabling an institution to meet its governance and statutory duty of care obligations.

Becoming a Partner

We invest our time and resource to develop strong and successful travel programs with you. From the careful planning of the initial implementation, bringing new departments or travel arrangers on-board, and ongoing joint account plans, we can deliver tangible cost and time savings. We will help decipher your reporting data and provide consultative services to encourage more objective, data-driven decisions across the institution to maximize budgets and minimize resource.