As a global travel management company, we know cutting business travel emissions completely isn’t realistic. But there are still many things we can do to protect people and the environment.

For starters, we have successfully held the internationally accepted ISO14001 Environmental Management accreditation since 2011 and we became a carbon neutral organisation ourselves in 2022.

Our carbon footprint is generated principally from:

  • Employee travel
  • Electricity consumption at offices
  • Landfill waste and bought products

To deliver carbon neutrality, we are focusing on:

  • Measurement
  • Certification to PAS 2060 (the only recognised international standard for carbon neutrality)
  • Prevention/Mitigation via sustainability focused policies and awareness campaigns
  • Offsetting any residual CO2 impact post-mitigation through credits purchased annually through Cool Effect, our carbon-offsetting partner.

We also work closely with our customers to help de-carbonise their travel programmes and offer our customers the following:

  • Actively measuring and providing live reporting of the carbon footprint from travel, from KT Insights, our reporting analytics tool. KT Insights is the most advanced carbon reporting tool in the travel industry and automatically provides carbon emission reports by location, department and individual
  • Integrating carbon reduction fully into customers’ travel policies, using a template co-developed with over 50 customers
  • Embedding emissions reduction in travel planning e.g. by providing prompts to consider alternatives to travel such as video-conferencing
  • Providing point of sale green options. This enables bookers to see or even choose the ‘Greenest’ option at point of sale
  • Innovating with industry partners to develop new sustainable products and offers, such as our Carbon Neutral Hotel Rooms, which through our partnership with Expedia Partner Solutions, allows our customers to mitigate their carbon impact at no additional cost to them.
  • Embedding policy decisions in the booking process substituting rail for air where journeys can be switched (which delivers c90% reduction in CO2/journey)
  • Integrating carbon offsetting at the point of sale via Cool Effect, a US-based NGO (like many of our customers) which is a world-leader in this field
  • Using travel carbon budgets by department or location to target carbon reduction when booking travel
  • Implementing (at no extra cost) our proprietary “Tread LighterTM” audit. This enables customers to benchmark their sustainable travel practices against peers and best practice globally and to identify areas for improvement.
  • Maximising stakeholder engagement via communication and awareness-raising programme co-developed with customers
  • Publishing joint case studies on greening initiatives and travel de-carbonisation progress